Types of Sea Lions

Sea Lion Species Index

  • Sea Lion Species
    There are seven known Sea Lion species that have been identified. Sadly, one of them has already become extinct.
  • California Sea Lion
    The California Sea Lion is the one most people are familiar with. They are friendly animals often seen doing a variety of tricks in various locations while in captivity.
  • Steller Sea Lion
    Steller Sea Lions are the largest of the species in the world. The males can be as long as 11 feet and weigh 2,500 pounds.
  • Australian Sea Lion
    Male Australian Sea Lions are dark brown with a light yellow mane around their heads.
  • Galapagos Sea Lion
    The Galapagos Sea Lion is very large, with the males being about 1,000 pounds when they are full grown.
  • New Zealand Sea Lion
    Also known as the Hooker’s Sea Lion, the New Zealand Sea Lion is one of the largest animals found in New Zealand.
  • South American Sea Lion
    The technical name for the South American Sea Lion is actually the Patagonian Sea Lion. However, you will rarely hear people or books refer to it that way.
  • Japanese Sea Lion
    The only way you will get to see a Japanese Sea Lion is in books, pictures, or online. They no longer exist which is very sad to say.

         Fur Seals

  • Northern Fur Seal
    There are several different locations where you will find the North Fur Seal living. They include The Northern portion of the Pacific Ocean, The Bering Sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • Galapagos Fur Seal
    These fur seals are only found on the Galapagos Islands, which is where their name stems from.
  • Antarctic Fur Seal
    There aren’t any conservation efforts in place for the Antarctic Fur Seal at this time. There are more than 4 million of them out there so that is good news.


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